6 Essential Weeding Tools That You Must Have in Your Arsenal

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Weeds are both unsightly and dangerous to a garden. They prevent plants from obtaining necessary nutrients and water and can make a well-intentioned garden perform very poorly. Pulling out weeds is much easier when they are young because they haven’t established a strong root system. So, get them early before they take over what could be a beautiful garden or lawn. Here are the essential weeding tools that you need to prevent and get rid of those unsightly weeds.

Safety First

Safety items such as goggles may seem like overkill, but say that to your eyes if you happen to fling a rock into them. Pick up a decent set of gardening gloves, protective goggles, and some sunscreen.

Recommended Safety Glasses:

Use a Hoe

When it comes to preventing weeds, cultivation is key. Regularly hoeing a garden can prove effective at stopping weeds before they become a problem. To stay effective, a hoe needs to remain sharp and slim. If it’s too wide, then you run the risk of throwing soil into nearby plants or chopping them down altogether. That’s why you need a hoe in your essential weeding tools.

Recommended Gardening Hoe:

The Scuffle

In un-mulched areas, a scuffle can do a great job of cutting weeds down below the surface. It works by using blades to cut below the surface of the soil. By simply pushing and pulling this tool over the soil, the blades cut down to two inches below. The more pressure applied, the deeper it cuts.

Recommended Scuffle:

The Four-Pronged Cultivator

Sometimes, bricks, borders, walls, or other things get in the way of some for larger tools to be effective. To get into these areas, use a four-pronged cultivator to pull out the weeds and cultivate the soil. Using this only when necessary will definitely save some wear and tear on the back.

Recommended Four-Pronged Cultivator:

Garden Knife

For roots that have long, well-established roots, use a garden knife or spade to break down the soil around it and angle the weed out of the ground.

Recommended Garden Knife:

essential weeding tools: Screwdriver

I know, a screwdriver doesn’t sound much like a garden tool, let alone one of the essential weeding tools, but when weeds are growing in between plants, it can be useful to loosen the roots of the plant so the weeds can be pulled out. Otherwise, the entire plant may need to be uprooted in order to get that determined weed out. If all else fails, pull out the plant, detangle the weed’s roots from the plant’s roots, and then put the plant back in its spot.

Recommended Screwdriver:

String Trimmer

String trimmers, whether they be gas-, electric-, or battery-powered, can really make or break your weeding experience, which is why you ought to keep one nearby in your arsenal.

Recommended String Trimmer:

essential weeding tools: Verdict

All of these tools are available at local hardware stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, the gardening sections of discount retailers such as Walmart and Target, and often at local plant nurseries. They can also be purchased online through our links. Good luck battling the weeds!

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