Which Is the Best Electric Pole Saw? – Mechanopedia’s Top Picks

There is a universal problem that everyone who has a tree in their house must be familiar with: tree limbs that are hanging out from the trees and cluttering your space, whether in the yard or elsewhere.  Luckily, this problem has a very effective answer, which eliminates this nuisance pretty efficiently and conveniently – getting the best electric pole saw.

There are so many different products on the market that you might become confused when trying to pick the best out of them, and it is especially unwanted that you make the mistake of buying the wrong one and having to face regret and losses. The best electric pole saw is the one that will solve your problem and suit your budget.

Here we come to solve this problem, which is why we created this article to tackle this issue and give you the best electric pole saw that would fulfill your specific needs. For this purpose, we’ve reviewed most of the products on the market and checked through all of their characteristics so we can have an objective and thorough comparison. 

In the end, this review is the result of our research, so all you have to do is to read through it and solve your problem!

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The Best Electric Pole Saws – Our Picks

#1 – Greenworks 20672 Electric Pole Saw

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This model is one of the best electric pole saws as it is on the light side when it comes to weight. Moreover, it has a good balance, and it’s incredibly convenient.

Conveniently, you can assemble it with no tools whatsoever, and adjust it easily. You can view the oil level anytime as the tank is transparent. The oiler, which is automatic, is handy in terms of oil consumption as there’s no leakage like other products.

The long-lasting battery has its own indicator, and it is rapidly rechargeable thanks to the fast charger included. The battery lasts well over an hour at maximum force that you might get tired before it even dies.

A good feature is that it immediately stops and starts. It can efficiently cut through 6-inch limbs of any tree kind. The only setback is the awkward safety that needs some getting used to.

What we like about it

All in all, this is the best electric pole saw in our opinion since the ease of use coupled with an excellent battery and numerous other features with almost no drawbacks makes it the best candidate for you.

#2 – Poulan Pro 967044201 Electric Pole Saw

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This product, much like the previous one, has a long-lasting battery, as well as an automatic oiler that keeps the oil level appropriate at all times with an indicator to check it anytime. Furthermore, it has an automatic tightening mechanic for the chain that is rapid and convenient so you can focus on the cutting process.

It handles all types of tree limbs and a wide range of thickness, as it can take on any wooden branch that isn’t a tree. The weight and the balance it offers make it as comfortable as possible, and the bonus of two poles gives you control over the length of the extension for more convenience.

There is a bit of oil leakage, so take that into account when you store it. Additionally, it uses a hefty amount of it, so you need to have the right quantity before starting each job. The other setback is the lack of replacements for the chain, although you can sharpen it easily form more longevity.

What we like about it

What we really admire in this product is the excellent features combined with an ease of use, which make it the runner up for the best electric pole saw. The drawbacks are far from overshadowing the advantages, so we recommend this product for you.

#3 – Sun Joe SWJ800E

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This is a product of the corded variant, which efficiently gets the job done although you’ll have to get an extension cord for it.

The processes of tensioning the chain, as well as assembly of the product and adjustment are all equally simple. The pole is quite durable and reliable, while you can extend it and retract it quickly with just a turn of the locking collar.

There is a limit imposed by the length of the cord on how much distance you have to work with. Moreover, there is no oil in the tank, so get some, a lot is preferred as the tank leaks, before starting to use it. Also, there is a certain awkwardness to the trigger lock, and there’s no slot for its adjustment wrench. 

These setbacks don’t really exclude the product from being one of the best electric pole saws as it still offers competitive performance for its price tag.

What we like about it

This is the best electric pole saw for those who are looking for a budget option that offers the best results for the price. The ease of use and the performance, even though it has some setbacks, are still outstanding for the investment you’re making, and that’s why we recommend it if you’re on a budget.

#4 – WORX WG309 Electrically Pole Saw

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The main trait that put this product on the list of the best electrical pole saws around is that it can be turned into a corded electrical chainsaw by simply removing the pole, which is as simple as ever.

The “patented” chain tensioner that is advertised as automatic doesn’t work properly, so you have to do it manually which is really inconvenient since it isn’t designed that way, and you have to do it regularly.

Courtesy of the design, all of the weight lies on the far end of the pole which puts huge stress on you when trying to hold it while fully extended, and that prevents it from being used while at full extension.

You have to be careful while on the chainsaw mode since after stopping the tool by letting go of the switch it the chain still works for a few seconds before stopping. Another bad feature is that it leaks oil.

What we like about it

The effortless pole removal, which doesn’t require any extra tools, along with the fact that this unit can double as a chainsaw, which gives it great versatility, make this product one of the best electric pole saws around. Although it has multiple setbacks, it still offers excellent performance even though you have to be careful with it.

#5 – Earthwise PS43008 Electric Pole Saw Tool

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This product works just fine most of the time on limbs and trunks that are big. The thing is, however, that it doesn’t work consistently. Moreover, it continuously gets jammed by branches when cutting through hedges or average bushes, and the process of pulling them out and getting back to work is a pain to endure.

The oil leakage, on the other hand, is a whole different story, as it leaves a sea of oil whenever you work with it since it leaks so bad. Furthermore, there are even electrical issues with it, specifically with the switch as it needs to be pushed hard to get it to start, and the motor also.

Another setback is that it is quite on the heavy side and it is a chore to work with when fully extended. Replacement parts are not easily found, and the customer service is horrible. The design is the worse of the aforementioned products.

What we like about it

This product could’ve made it to the best electric pole saw position if even some of its numerous problems were fixed, but this is not the case as it fails in so many categories it isn’t worth choosing over the other products. You can buy this product if you could care less and just want some cutting job for a low price. If you’re going to go the professional or the long-term route though, this isn’t the product for you.

Choosing the Best Electric Pole Saw – Mechanopedia’s Buying Guide

Best Electric Pole Saw BG

Even though it isn’t a catastrophe if you make the wrong choice, as even one of the best electrical pole saws is not that big of an investment, it is still a loss of both money and time as it will most likely cause you to throw a fit over how it falls short.

Types of Pole Saws

When you’re purchasing this kind of product, there is a choice you have to make, whether to buy one that is powered through a chord or a battery. There is quite a difference between the two types since there are pros and cons for each one which you should use to weigh them against each other.

Battery Operated

The number one pro about cordless pole saws is that the mobility is unbounded, which means you can move about with the tool freely in any direction without any limitation. This is the most significant advantage against corded variant as the best electrical pole saw must give you the maximum flexibility possible.

Moreover, the more time you spend working on unwanted branches, the more stuff you’ll have lying on the ground which means constantly managing the cord, so it doesn’t get tangled when working with corded variants. With batteries, you’re free from these worries, and you can have some piece of mind and just focus on making the proper cuts.

Furthermore, when you’re free from cords, you can go beyond the length of any extension cord out there, which comes extremely useful when working in large areas or where there aren’t many plugs lying around. But despite these advantages, there are also reasons that might make you want to go for the cord-using type, and the best electrical pole saw for you might even be the second one, so let’s look at them together.

Corded Models

The thing is, even though batteries are cool and all, they can really get you pretty far as they have a limited power thus a limited working time before you need to go back to recharge. That’s why cordless models of heavy duty machines such as contractor table saws, 12-inch miter saws, and hybrid table saws aren’t that popular among tradesmen.

Even the best batteries on the best electrical pole saw might not be enough for you to do all of your work in one go. Thus, the issue is real.

The problem at this stage is that batteries for these kinds of tools are on the expensive side, thus if you have work that far exceeds the capacity you already have you might start to contemplate the idea of purchasing spares, which will consume a good chunk of your budget. And it is quite wasteful if you only do this kind of work occasionally as you won’t really reap the benefits of such an investment.

If you can’t buy an extra battery anyway, all you can do when working with a battery-using saw is to alternate between working and stopping while waiting for it to recharge, which might prove to be inconvenient and it will break the flow of your job. You can utilize the spare time to get some clean-up in between the process of cutting, but it’s hard to get back after such interruption.

Moreover, extension cords are cheap in comparison so budget-wise, they are absolutely convenient. It might be so much so that buying a bunch of them is more cost-effective and you can then just string them together for maximum reach.

Tips When Buying

The most important requirement here is to get a good warranty. It is preferable that you also fill out any card or online form required since sometimes it is hard to find power tool brands that honor their warranties. Otherwise, you might need it someday and have troubles getting your problem fixed. Don’t ignore this as even the best electric pole saws can be defective.

More often than not, you buy from a retailer and not directly from the maker, so in that case, you can opt to go for them instead and check if they do make exchanges or repairs for defective equipment. They are more likely to comply since they are the ones that deal with people more often, and their reputation is on the line here, and you have nothing to lose anyway.

Available Options      

There are numerous available options as it is the case with all of the tools, and you should consider them when buying the best electric pole saw.

The chains of the best electric pole saws are prone to breaking or wearing out even though you can sharpen them, but they have limited durability as with any tool. So eventually you will need to replace them, and manufacturers tend to make their products in a manner that will shorten as much as possible the time it takes for them to be obsolete. To bypass that simply get a spare chainsaw chain whenever you can, and while you’re at it, get plenty of oil as you will need it.

Chainsaws also need a carrying case to shield them while being stored, as they aren’t used that often so wrapping them in a blanket isn’t the best solution in the long term. Moreover, they won’t be heavy on your budget, so get them if you can, as even the best electric pole saw needs to be properly stored.

When operating on batteries, it’s a good idea to have spare ones around so get a few as they also become obsolete fairly quickly so you should get some as early as possible.

Picking the Best Electric Pole Saw – Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Good Pole Saw?

An important trait that can make or break the best electric pole saw is the weight, as the lighter, the better for more convenience and ease of use. Moreover, you should find one that has a good balance for more comfort. Additionally, power is equally as crucial since your tool must be able to at least cut through a 6-inch tree limb without much hassle. Finally, ease of adjustment is a good bonus on one of the best electrical pole saws as it might save quite some time and effort.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best electric pole saw, you simply have to check your budget and the specifications that you need in the product then look for the one that fits those needs. You’ll certainly find a product that best does the job for you no matter your requirements since there is so much variety in the market. That’s why we tried to include at least one product from every category, so every group of users will be happy.


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