Which Is the Best Cordless Tool Set? – Mechanopedia’s Top Picks

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If you happen to be a DIYer, or you just have a workbench that you use often, then you might have thought of getting the best cordless tool set. Having a cordless tool set comes in handy in pretty much any sort of operation you might do on your workbench. Kitting out your workplace will make you more self-reliant as you won’t need to call in a repairman whenever something breaks.

With that said, buying the best cordless tool set is not as simple as going to blindly picking what looks best. There are a number of factors you should consider, and you’re probably going to need to do some research in order to make a good purchase.

In this guide, we’ll start by reviewing five of the best cordless tool sets on the market as of 2019 to give you an idea about which options are worth considering. Then, we’re going to provide you with a buyer’s guide, detailing what you need to look for when you’re hunting for a cordless tool set in order to buy what suits you best.

And now, without further ado, let us start with the list of the five best cordless tool sets of 2019:

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The Best Cordless Tool Set – Mechanopedia’s Picks

#1 – DeWalt DCK940D2 Cordless Tool Set

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When it comes to the top choice on the market, DEWALT’s 940D2 is the best Cordless Tool set you can get. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to pimp out your workshop, such as professional power tools, eight of them to be exact, as well as a wireless loudspeaker.

This toolset also features a DCD771 drill from DeWalt that is capable of delivering upward of 300 inch-pound of pure power, which should be enough for most situations. On top of that, you’ll also get a DeWalt DCF885 impact driver that can spin up to a whopping 2,800 RPM. Quite the power, huh?

Additionally, you’ll be getting a 6-pound reciprocating saw that has an SPM of 3,000 at 11/8-inch stroke. There’s also a circular saw which has a 6-and-a-half-inch circular saw blade that can deliver impressive cutting speed at 5,150 RPM and a cutting depth of 2¼ inches.

Not enough for you? Well, don’t worry, there’s more to come. This cordless tool set includes an LED light, an oscillating tool, an angle drill, a Bluetooth speaker as well as a grinder. The Bluetooth speaker can be remotely controlled from up to 100 feet.

To put it simply, whether you’re a pro, a hobbyist, or a DIYer in general, this cordless tool set will suit all your needs and make short work of anything you throw at it.

Frankly speaking, it’s rather hard to come up with bad things to say about this cordless tool set without nitpicking, but if we had to talk about anything that we didn’t like, it’d have to be the loud and heavy tools. This is probably a result of the raw power and durability that these tools offer.

What we like about this tool kit

One of the main things that we like about this tool set is how user-friendly it is. All of the power tools are effortless to use and will never fail you thanks to their high power. Another thing that you don’t often find on the market is the fact that once you get this cordless tool set, you’re probably not going to need to buy another since it’s useful to both hobbyists and professionals. Oh, and the tools are also very sturdy and strong, making them very durable.

#2 – Porter-Cable Cordless Power Tool Set

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If you’re looking for the second-best cordless tool set, then this is probably it. The Porter Cable cordless power tool set comes with almost everything you need. The only things that it lacks compared to the DeWalt’s Kit reviewed above are the Bluetooth speakers.

When it comes to the drill driver, this set boasts a PCC601 which is equipped with a two-speed engine of 350 and 1,500 RPM. While this is not as powerful as the previously mentioned DeWalt kit, it should suffice for most tasks. You’ll also be getting an impact driver that also has two speeds which are either 2,800 or 3,100 RPM. Talk about pure power.

Additionally, this tool set includes a jigsaw that offers a speed of around 2,500 SPM and a cut depth of ¾ inches. There’s also a circular saw with a 6½ inch blade with a cutting depth of 2 1/8 inches, as well as a reciprocating saw which can easily cut through sturdy materials thanks to its 3,000 SPM.

The oscillating tool that comes with this kit is rather exceptional. It is user-friendly and versatile, given that you have the option of changing the speed from 8,000 and 18,000 OPM, which is always a plus.

Finally, this cordless tool set also offers a decent grinder with an ergonomic grip as well as a flashlight to help with visibility.

As for the inconveniences, one of the things that immediately jumped at us is the fact that the oscillating tool, although versatile and user-friendly, has plastic components which means that it’s not as durable as some of the other oscillating tools on the market.

One other thing to look out for is battery component as it leaves something to be desired.

What we like about this tool kit

As we mentioned before, this is the second best cordless tool set you can get on the market, and while its offerings are not as robust as the ones offered in the DeWalt cordless tool set, the lower price point perfectly justifies it. Additionally, it offers two batteries as well as a charger. When it comes to the tools, they have a slick design and provide sufficient power for most jobs.

#3 – Ryobi P883 Cordless Tool Set

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Ryobi is known as the DIYer’s power tool brand for its tools, although not as powerful as those coming from DeWalt or Milwaukee, for example, are still pretty decent for small projects, which is why we’re labeling Ryobi’s kit as the best cordless toolset for homeowners, DIYers, and those on a budget. If you’re running a tight budget and are looking for the best value tool sets, Ryobi’s P883 18V ONE+ Lithium Ion Contractor’s Kit is the perfect toolset for you.

This tool kit covers everything you’ll need in a small DIY job. This includes a drill/driver, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a flashlight, two batteries with a charger and a storage bag. The half single sleeve drill is equipped with a 24-clutch that’s great for several drilling specification types.

When it comes to the cordless circular saw, note that it’s equipped with a 5 ½ inch blade capable of cutting through almost any material you’ll probably use it on. This circular saw also gives you the option of changing its speed depending on the task. The handle is also quite ergonomic, offering a firm and comfortable grip. The same could be said about the reciprocating saw, which also has a slick and functional design. It also provides variable speed.

Both of the batteries that come with this kit are lithium-ion batteries which mean that they’re lightweight and can be used in any power tool in this set. And finally, the flashlight that you get with it is great for directional use.

All of the devices mentioned above come in a storage bag that is very sturdy and reliable. It is designed specifically for these tools, and it is clear seeing how durable and robust it is. And what’s so great about all of this is how affordable it is.

As you’d probably expect from an affordable toolset like this, the batteries that come with this package are not as effective and durable as we would have wanted them to be. Additionally, the flashlight leaves a lot to be desired since it’s not LED.

What we like about this tool kit

As we mentioned already, the price point is the main selling point of this cordless tool set. The fact that you can get easy to use tools that are also effective in almost any DIY project is nothing short of astonishing. When it comes to the value, this tool set is second to none on the market, and we can confidently say that it’s the best cordless tool set for homeowners, DIYers, and those on a budget.

#4 – Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 Cordless Tool Set

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Coming in at the fourth spot on this “best cordless tool set” list, Milwaukee’s Cordless Compact Tool Kit is designed to offer the perfect balance of portability, power, and functionality. It comes with 4 tools which are the M18 Sawzall reciprocating saw, the M18 Hammer drill/driver, the M18 6 ½ inch circular saw as well as the M18 work light.

As for the drill/driver, it is equipped with a two-motor construction which can go from zero to 400 RPM and zero to 1,800 RPM. This power tool can dish up to 500 inch-pounds of torque, which is geared towards small DIY projects. This tool is designed with accessibility as the number one priority. It is meant to be accessible in smaller workspaces. It’s also quite durable thanks to its metal gear design.

When it comes to the reciprocating saw, it has a sensitive variable speed trigger that features a clutch that protects the gears. This can extend the lifespan of this tool. What’s also rather unique to this reciprocating saw is the fact that it shows runtime which gives the user an indication about how much time is left before the juice runs out. This is extremely useful as it allows you to avoid situations where the battery dies on you in the middle of work.

Finally, the cordless circular saw is exceptionally ergonomic and comfortable to use. It has enough power to cut through almost anything you throw at it.

As much as we like this toolset, it has been put in the fourth place in our “best cordless tool set” list for a good reason, and that is the fact that the limited number of tools featured in this kit doesn’t justify its price point.

In fact, you’ll find that getting extra batteries will cost you a lot and the bag that it comes with is rather weak and flimsy, so don’t try to put your Sliding Compound Miter Saw or Tile Saw in there. Oh, and it also comes with just one port charger. In this specific department, we’re giving DeWalt the edge in the DeWalt vs Milwaukee debate.

What we like about this tool kit

Given that this is a more specialized toolset, there has been a lot of work put into making sure that all of the tools it contains are easy to use, durable, and also very effective. Another thing that is rather great about this toolset is the fact that the battery can be swiftly charged, which minimizes downtime.

#5 – Makita XT263M Cordless Tool Set

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The Makita XT263M Lithium-Ion Cordless Tool kit is a relatively cheap tool set. However, the low price stems from the fact that it only comes with 2 tools. This alone means that you’re better off with a more comprehensive product if you’re looking for the absolute best cordless tool set.

With that said, this package includes an impact driver and a drill/driver. The first lets you choose between two speeds, one being from 0 to 400 RPM and the second being from 0 to 2,000 RPM. As for the torque, it’s capable of delivering around 750 inch-pounds.

As for the impact driver, it can provide either 0 to 2,900 or 0 to 3,500 RPM with a torque of around 1,460 inch-pounds. Both of the impact hammer and drill come with advanced protection technology for both harsh weather and overheating. This means that in terms of durability, they’re hardly rivaled on the market.

With that said, even though some of these features might seem very appealing, they are not enough to make up for the very limited set you’re getting, nor to make this the best cordless tool set. Besides, the tools you’re getting are rather heavy, even when compared to other similar products. And lastly, the reviews on this product are mixed, which is not a good sign most of the time. We only recommend this set if you’re looking for just the two tools that you can throw in your tool box.

What we like about this tool kit

Even though we’ve been harsh on this kit, there are some positive to note here, one of them being the fact that the battery that comes with this kit is extremely efficient and will last for very long periods of time. And of course, the price of this kit is compelling. It’s definitely not the best cordless tool set out of the reviewed batch, but you’re getting your money’s worth for sure.

Choosing the Best Cordless Tool Set – Mechanopedia’s Buying Guide

When you’re on the prowl for the best cordless tool set, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Knowing these factors will eventually help you make an informed purchase and guarantee that you get only the best the market has to offer.

Tool Count

Depending on the project you’re working on, the number of tools you’re going to use will vary. It might be anything from two to eight machines. However, you’ll also need to consider future projects you’re going to work on. You might not need six tools now, but you might need them later. The best way to anticipate such things is to ask yourself whether or not you’re planning to do this seriously. You’re also probably going to have to come up with a compromise between your budget and the number of tools and features you want in the best cordless tool set.


Any power tool, be it a Table Saw, Random Orbital Sander, or even Chainsaw Under 200 dollars, makes noise, there’s no bypassing that. Though while no power tool is totally quite, there are some machines that are louder than others. Some people might not want to cause any noise disturbances, and if you’re one of those people, then you’ll probably need to keep noise in mind when you’re picking the best cordless tool set.


For the majority of cordless tool sets that are on the market, battery life is not that much of an issue as most products come with batteries that last long. However, if you suspect that you might not always have access to an electrical outlet, then you might want to start thinking about getting the product with the longest battery life when shopping for the best cordless tool set.


Like it or not, if you’re like most people who are reading this guide, you probably don’t have a pile of money lying around waiting to be spent on whatever, even the best cordless tool set.

The budget might vary from person to person, but money will always be a concern. Some might look for the best value while others might want the best of the best, even when buying accessories such as a Chainsaw Mill, then there’s those who can’t get either. You’ll need to do proper research in order to figure out how to best manage your budget and pick out the best cordless tool set that you can buy.


If you’re looking for the best cordless tool set but don’t have the time to do the proper research, then this buying guide is for you. Not only did we review and vet the best products available in this category, but we’ve also included everything you need to consider when making your choice.

Now, all you have to do is pick the best cordless tool set, wear your Chainsaw Chaps or whichever safety gear you may have, and get working with your new power and hand tools!


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