About Mechanopedia

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Mechanopedia.com was created with one thing in mind – to become the absolute best crafting and handyman-ship resource site on the web. We want our readers to come to our site and find the perfect guides, learn how to perform DIY tasks themselves, and read honest tool reviews.

Our History

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Mechanopedia was established years ago, but we haven’t gone virtual until recently. We started out as a small local repair shop that took care of the neighborhood’s needs when it comes to DIY, crafting, and repairing tasks. We didn’t do it for profit, we did it out of passion and enthusiasm. We received such a positive response that we decided to join the big World Wide Web to become a wealth of knowledge – a one-stop shop for handymen.

Our Team

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Our team consists of a trio of expert handymen; Sam, Melanie, and Jeffrey. Our team’s love of craftsmanship has radiated throughout their families.

Our Review Process

Here at the Mechanopedia, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in a good way) about the tools we buy and use, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. That’s why we always try to pick the best-reviewed products and tools and single out the most worthwhile. In other words, you’ll always get the best recommendations regardless of whether or not we’ve tried the products. 
Grab a cup of coffee, read our reviews, and happy shopping for your workplace!

Work with Us

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While we primarily publish articles that are our own, we are open to guest post contributions. All guest posts must be approved by us before being published. We reserve the right to turn down any submissions and to ask for a publishing fee. If you’re interested in contributing to our site, please reach out to sam (at) mechanopedia.com.